Jim Hooson

Learning Creations was established by Jim Hooson in 2001 and continued until late 2011.

Jim Hooson had been a teacher for over 20 years, training and working in special needs as well as drama and having extensive experience in ESL. For the five years previous to 2001, Jim had been working as an independent consultant working with learning difficulties and gifted learning.

Learning Creations was formed to assist children, teenagers and adults experiencing difficulties with with all aspects of learning, attention and behaviour. Common labels that Learning Creations worked with include dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, dyscalculia, aspergers and autism.

Jim had a passion for working with people, especially children and always pushed for what was best for the child and individual in their situation. In August of 2011, Jim Hooson passed away due to ill health.

The work that Jim Hooson developed and built with Learning Creations is now continued by the people who worked with him, including his son Naren, through Learning Creations Network.

For information about the continuation of this work including assessments, programs and tutoring please email info@learningcreationsnetwork.com or phone 0414 335 975.

Upcoming events: 2 exciting workshops in August and September

Hi Everyone,

In August and September we are delighted to have Laurie Block Spigel visiting us from New York. Laurie is a highly valued home educator who runs a variety of workshops. She is also the author of 'Education Uncensored: A Guide for the Aspiring, the Foolhardy, and the Disillusioned,' which describes her personal home education experience. Laurie homeschooled her two sons for almost all of their school years. They were both awarded University scholarships and are highly creative young adults with a diverse range of skills and passions.
Laurie is an inspiring educator with a great ability to look at and listen to each learner and to develop a wide variety of activities around each individual's unique interests and passions. Her creativity and empathy delight and inspire the children and teenagers who work with her. There seems to be no end to the vast range of individual and group sessions that she can create. Her parent and teacher workshops are immensely helpful to everyone who believes in child-led learning. Learn more about Laurie and her work at her website: www.HomeschoolNYC.com

Laurie will be giving two workshops while she is here in Sydney. These workshops are open to the general public. Places will fill quickly and will be reserved according to the order of payments. To book a place please see workshop information and booking details below:

1. 'Child-led Learning and How to Create a Child-led Curriculum for Individuals and Groups'
Date: Sunday 21 August 2011
Time/Duration: 6-9pm (3 hours)
Location: Learning Creations main office: Suite 1105, Level 11, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney.
Cost: $75.00
Book by: 15 July 2011.
For Further Information:
Organiser: Bridget Simes
Email: learningcreations@gmail.com

2. 'Workshop for Parents and Educators on Teaching Oral and Written Communication'
Date: Saturday 3 September 2011
Time/Duration: 10-4pm (1 hour lunch break: 12.30-1.30)
Location: Learning Creations main office: Suite 1105, 250 Pitt Street, Sydney.
Cost: $150.00
Book by: July 15 2011.
For Further Information:
Organiser: Bridget Simes
Email: learningcreations@gmail.com


If you would like to attend please confirm by July 15 with payment to:
Bank: ANZ
Account Name: Learning Creations Pty Ltd
BSB: 012 - 010
Account Number: 904 368 529
Please email with transfer details to confirm your place.

Upcoming Events - Laurie Block Spigel to visit Sydney

Laurie is going to be here in Sydney in the first half of August. For two weeks she will be running workshops for homeschooling children and their families. Dates and times to be confirmed.

Must-read: 'Education Uncensored' by Laurie Block Spigel

Laurie Block Spigel, the daughter of an educator, teaches poetry, creative writing, art history and playwriting to homeschooling groups in New York City and lectures to parents and teachers on innovative ways of educating their children. Learn more about the author at her website: www.HomeschoolNYC.com

Laurie's book, 'Education Uncensored: A Guide for the Aspiring, the Foolhardy, and the Disillusioned,' (HomeschoolNYC: New York, 2009) reveals the truth about education today.

Inside you will find:

  • A compelling personal memoir about growing up in the world of education
  • Why the current educational system has it all backwards
  • The truth about testing and assessments
  • The four levels of teaching
  • How to use your environment and take schooling beyond your four walls
  • Tips on every subject including history lessons with techniques used by real historians
  • Teaching games that really work

Copies available for purchase from the Learning Creations main office